Virginia Thompson
Attorney at Law
Wilmington, NC


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You have been charged with a crime.

You need someone who knows what they're doing to help you get through this.

You have rights to be treated fairly, with due process, and be represented by an attorney who will be zealous on your behalf.

As a former Assistant District Attorney, I prosecuted everything from traffic infractions to Murder cases. Even then, I analyzed each case from a Defense perspective to identify the strength and weakness of each and every element that makes up a certain crime before a charging decision was made. I was known as “the most fair” ADA in the district, treating every person in the courtroom with courtesy and respect. I figured out it was hard enough on the Defendants to be accused of a crime and go through the legal process; I didn't need to make it any harder.

Before working for the State, I represented criminal defendants in both State and Federal courts. I ran my own practice for years, and made a point of thoroughly knowing each client's case and circumstances to prepare for their court appearances. To this day, my clients remember my thorough and personal preparation of their cases.

You need someone with my experience to help you. Call me today, and thank you for your trust in allowing me to represent you.

Virginia Thompson
Thompson Law
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